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Disciplinary actions and sanctions

If any nurse, being Lebanese or foreigner, defaults on his/her duties or expose his/her dignity to anything that affects his/her honour, integrity and competence, or if he/she acts in a way that degrades the ethics of the profession, or behaves in a manner that is not in conformity with its ethics, he/she shall be subject to the application of the following sanctions:

  • Written warning.
  • Blame.
  • Temporary suspension from work for a period not exceeding one year.
  • Definitive prevention from exercising the profession and striking him/her off the roll.

Structure of the Disciplinary Council

The Disciplinary Council includes six members as follows:

  • The Order President or the person he/ she nominates as a chairman.
  • Two members from the Order Council elected by the Council, and who shall be holders of a university degree in nursing.
  • Two members elected by the General Assembly, provided that one of them holds at least of a university degree in nursing and the other should have the rank of professor in nursing.
  • A consultant member from the Disciplinary Council appointed by the Order of Physicians, and who shall not be entitled to vote.
  • The mandate of the council members shall consist of two renewable years.

Referral to the Disciplinary Council

Misconducts shall be referred to the Disciplinary Council by decision of the Order Council:
A- Upon request of the Minister of Public Health, or upon referral from the Appellate General Prosecutor or from any affected person, whether a nurse or not.
B- Upon request of the Order President, with justified decision after informing the member duly referred to the Disciplinary Council.
C- Upon request of the nurse who sees himself/herself subject to an unjustified charge, and submits his/her case to the discretion of the Disciplinary Council to plead not guilty.

Procedures at the Disciplinary Council
The Disciplinary Council follows the ordinary judicial procedures. Therefore when assigning a responsibility to a nurse, the above mentioned council must take into account the good faith, use all methods of proofs and convene the offender for a hearing.The offender must respond to the convocation, answer the questions addressed to him/her and give all the clarifications required from him. He/she is entitled to resort to a lawyer for his/her defence.

Disciplinary Council’s mission to issue decisions
The Disciplinary Council’s decision should be taken within a maximum period of 3 months from the date it receives the notification of referral of the offender. The council’s decision shall be kept secret and is notified only to the concerned person and the Ministry of Public Health. In case the Disciplinary Council contravenes this, both the Order’s president and Public Prosecutor’s office are entitled to refer the case to the Court of Appeal which examines it as a last resort.

Methods of Revision of the Disciplinary Council’s decisions
The Disciplinary Council‘s decision accept objections and appeals within a period of 15 days starting from the date of notification.

Rules of Notification
Notification is carried out by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The calling for appeal is presented to the Court of Appeal in Beirut.

Decision of the Disciplinary Council
Decisions of both the Disciplinary Council and the Court of Appeal are secret. In case a nurse is convicted for a crime that offends the honour and dignity of the profession, and if he/she is sentenced twice during one year for a more serious penalty than blame, the Order Council can decide by a two-third majority of its members to announce the decision at the Order Head office for one month period.

Criminal Prosecution
Behavioural prosecution does not preclude criminal prosecution in case the violation represents also a punishable offence in the Penal Code.

Mechanism of Complaint Examination

When the president of the Order receives a complaint, he/she may refer it to the Administrative Commission to conduct a primary investigation. The Commission hears the statements of the concerned nurse, after explaining the substance of the complaint and showing the file documents. The Commission should hear the statements of the witnesses, request the documents and do whatever facilitates revealing the evidence and conducting its mission. On completion of the investigation, the Commission drafts a report and submits it to the President of the Order, who presents it to the Order Council, which has the right to determine whether there is a motive for prosecution or withhold the report and the complaint.

Preventing the resignation

The resignation presented by a nurse is not accepted during the disciplinary investigation; also the resignation of the suspended person is accepted only after sanctions have been executed, and he/she remains during all this period under the Order’s authority, and shall not be entitled to exercise any work related to the profession or participate in a General Assembly.

Appearing Before the Disciplinary Council

The nurse shall appear before the Disciplinary Council upon a notice signed by the Order President and the Secretary.

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