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The Council of the Order is constituted of 12 members elected by the ordinary general assembly during its first annual meeting, 11 members plus the President, provided 9 members be holders of a university degree, including the President and 3 members holders of a technical degree in nursing (BT, TS), moreover, a representative of the Ministry of the Public Health can be present.

Functions of the Council of the Order
Are included among the functions of the Order’s Council the following activities:

  • Establishing the statutes with the approval of the Minister of Public Health
  • Executing the decisions and the recommendations of the general assembly
  • Settling Order membership requests
  • Managing the Order money and receiving annual participation fees and memberships approved by the Order
  • Preparing the annual report of the Order’s activities and its achievements and submit them to the general assembly during its cyclic meeting.
  • Preparing plans, programs, studies and researches achieving the goals of the Order, taking into consideration the recommendations of the general assembly in this respect
  • Preparing the project of the budget and its annual distribution and submit it to the general assembly
  • Ensuring the commitment of all nurses to laws and ethics of the nursing profession
  • Striving to solve disputes arising during the exercise of the profession
  • Contacting authorities and public administrations, public and private institutions, organizations and orders, for all matters related to the Order’s interest.
  • Constituting the required committees to manage the Order’s affaires, as well as establishing contracts with specialists for specific issues determined by the Order’s Council
  • Carrying out all issues relative to the management of the Order and included in the competencies and functions of the general assembly
  • Giving advice on all projects and regulations referred by concerned authorities
  • Managing financial and administrative tasks of the Order
  • Determining salaries of administrative, financial and professional organisms of the Order according to principles
  • Establishing contracts with technical experts and determining the fees of legal consultants, lawyers, and dismiss them from their functions
  • Determining the reception dates of candidates applications to the Order’s Council and to the Disciplinary Council
  • Planning, preparing, supervising and executing the various activities of the Order
Competencies and functions of the President of the Order
  • The President is the official representative of the Order before all private and public authorities. He/She defends the rights and is responsible of executing the Order’s Council decisions; he/she has the right to submit actions in the name of the Order in conformity with principles in force
  • He/She affixes his/her signature on behalf of the Order along with the Secretary on all decisions, correspondences, information, cards and every formalities emanating from the Order
  • He/She signs along with the Treasurer on all receipts and withdrawal documents of money from the bank with which the Order deals, as well as all formalities related to the Order funds.
  • He/She signs individually on all official correspondences, as well as any administrative note dictated by the Secretary and the Treasurer according to the powers and competencies of each one of them
  • He / She presides Order Council and ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings, and supervises activities of the committees of the Order and presides their meetings whenever he / she wishes.
  • He / She convenes with the Secretary to meetings of the Order Council and ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings
  • He / She supervises the activities of the Council of the Order and follows up its the decisions
  • In urgent matters, he / she has the right to spend a maximum amount of money equivalent to three times the minimum salary, provided to justify these spending during the next meeting of the Order’s Council
  • He /She prepares with the Secretary the annual report, and with the Treasurer the financial balance sheet and the project of the budget in order to submit it to the Order’s Council and at the general assemblies
  • He / She presides the Disciplinary Council or gives a proxy to one of the Council members
  • Every request or letter to the Order must be, after archiving, submitted to the President who will then transfer it to the member in charge or to one of the specialized committees
  • The President designates the administrative, financial and professional organisms adopted in the Order according to principles, he / she dismisses then from their functions and appoints others; he / she chooses to rent the offices or necessary premises for the Order, and that upon the approval of the Council of the Order.
  • He / She supervises the magazine of the Order, gives his / her approval on publications, modifications of any information or text in the magazine or on the internet site of the Order.
Competencies and functions of the Vice-President
  • Any member having the required qualifications to be President of the Order, as stipulated by article 17 of Law number 479, can submit his / her candidature to this position. Should one of the required conditions not apply to any member of the Council Order, then any member can be candidate to this position.
  • He / She assist the President of the Order and replaces him / her whenever he / she is absent, and exercises all his / her functions.
Competencies and functions of the Secretary
  • He / She drafts all convening to ordinary or extraordinary general assembly meetings and meetings of the Order Council in conformity with the President’s. Convening must include the agenda of the meetings and that 48 hours prior to the holding of the meeting. He / She writes the minutes of these meetings in a specific register signed by the President.
  • He /She receives all the correspondence of the Order, writes them down in a special register and archives them in a specific file, and that after the President of the Order and the members of the Order Council look into them during the next meeting.
  • He / She writes in a special register the names of the members of the Order, their addresses, and the address of their working place, and organizes in this respect a complete file for every member that will be archived at the Order’s offices.
  • In order to ensure the activities of the Order and of the Disciplinary Council, the Secretary keeps the following registers:
    • A register in which will be noted all decisions issued by the Disciplinary Council
    • A register in which will be registered facts of meetings and decisions adopted
    • A register in which will be written facts of meetings and general assembly decisions
    • A register of facts of committee meetings and their decisions
    • A register of outgoing correspondence
    • A register of incoming correspondence
    • A file for every nurse including all documents and all formalities
    • A special register of the fixed assets of the Order, with the participation of the Treasurer
    • A register bearing the names of employees at the Order and their salaries
Competencies and functions of the Treasurer
  • He / She perceives the money of the Order and pays financial obligations due against receipts signed by himself and by the President of the Order, and keeps them in a specific register held for this purpose.
  • He / She ensures the perception of membership fees of the Order and annual participation fees. He / She organizes the accounts and applies regulations.
  • He / She deposits the money of the Order in a bank account opened in one or more accredited banks, after discussion with the President of the Order. No amounts can be withdrawn or spent from these accounts without a payment order duly signed by the President or if he / she is absent by the Vice-President of the Order, jointly with the Treasurer and not individually
  • He / She prepares with the President of the Order the annual financial report and the closing final balance sheet
  • He / She prepares the project of the budget of the following year, with the collaboration of financial committees, in order to submit them to the Order Council and to the General Assembly for approval.
  • He / She signs with the President of the Order receipts, orders, withdrawal of funds of the Order from accredited banks and carries out all required formalities related to the finances of the Order.
  • Upon proposal of the Treasurer and with the collaboration of the President of the Order, the Order Council takes the decision to employ accounting or technical experts to carry out financial and audit activities to assist the Treasurer in the execution of his / her responsibilities.
  • He / She holds a register in which are listed the assets of the Order and its expenses, in conformity with principles in force.
  • He / She keeps along with the Secretary a special register which is a type of inventory of all the fixed assets of the Order; he / she is responsible of preserving them, and carries out necessary buying or selling operations upon the Order Council’s request.

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