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Philosophy of the Order

Philosophy of the Order of Nurses in Lebanon

Conscious and believing that nursing is a message, well before being a profession, we consider that:

  • The nursing profession aims distinction in health care and perfection in nursing sciences education and research in the field;
  • Every nurse must grant a superior quality of health care;
  • Every individual has the right to receive exceptional health care in order to reach a healthy and sound society;
  • Every individual has his own particularities characterizing him and characterizing his needs, and it is in this perspective and on this basis that nursing care are planned;
  • The nursing profession is able to cooperate efficiently in the development of health which is considered to be the essence of human development;
  • The nursing profession contributes in the decision-making process of health and participates in drawing the policies of national health;
  • The environment of the individual influences health and the work of health, this is why we should take into consideration the individual’s environment when undertaking nursing care planning;
  • The importance of the continuous training of nurses to guarantee quality health care in order to keep pace with the development of the profession, as well as with the technical health care progress;
  • The importance of research in the nursing profession, to ensure that nursing care is scientific, correct and healthy;
  • Respect the patient / individual and treat him/her decently, through communication and his right to have any information related to his health condition and give him the necessary care, preserve the patient’s secrets and avoid any harm during the whole caring process.
  • Therefore, we pledge to work in order to achieve the following:
    • To promote the reputation of the nursing profession as a responsible profession with a high level of education performance and improve the nurse’s image in society;
    • To ensure through organizing our profession that the nurses with high levels of capacities and competences offer quality health care and are always aware of the progress in the profession and health care, thanks to continuous training programs;
    • To pursue quality of nursing through a quality perfecting program and respecting health rights of the patient, or any other person/individual;
    • To play an efficient role with other health professions in order to draw health policies and support health projects carried out by the Health Ministry, the WHO or any other specialized organism;
    • To ensure guaranteeing the general well-being of nurses with regards to their rights and obligations.
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