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Salary Scale

                                 Ranks and Salaries Grid, contributions,
                                     And work organization for nurses
                                                   in Lebanon

In line with the medical nursing career’s reality in Lebanon, on both economic and social levels

And in comparison with the Order vision, for the future of both the career and its working members, and in order to limit emigration by means of looking after better working conditions, and circumstances

In order to preserve equilibrium between the work prerequisites and nature on the one side, with salaries, and presently acquired contributions, on the other side,

And pursuant to the principle of increasing and adjusting remunerations, due to living cost increase, in both public and private sectors

Further to completing of the first step of 2004, through which the grid of ranks and salaries was launched, together with the amendments occurring thereto at a subsequent stage

Whereas the Order believes that improving the work circumstances and conditions shall necessarily lead to ameliorate nursing care quality

The order establishes hereby a series of proposals, contributions and incentives, along with the ranks and salaries’ grid for the nursing sector’s workers, as follows:
1-To draw up written contracts of employment between nurses and employers. In such issue light, registration shall be done at the National Fund of Social Security, while making sure that nurses shall not be employed on daily basis remunerations, due to the work nature, the necessity of stability and continuity, for a better service

2-To fix the number of working hours at an average of 42 hours per week, as maximum, provided daily working time does not exceed 12 hours. In such case, the nurse, shall be granted a weekly rest, not less than 48 continuous hours.

3-To determine the minimum wages of the parties working in the medical nursing care, as follows:
a.150% of the official minimum wage, to holders of the technical baccalaureate certificate in nursing (BT), i.e. the equivalent of /1.012.500/ LBP
b.225% of the official minimum wage, to holders of the Superior technician certificate (TS) or the university degree in nursing, i.e. the equivalent of /1.518.750/ LBP (in addition to implementing any subsequent cost of living increase, as decreed by the competent authorities)

4-To abide by the transportation fees, as legally determined, further to fixing the basic annual salary, including those months exceeding the twelfth salary

5-To adopt a system of annual bonus, taking into account the annual assessment of nurses work, in order to improve the performance and provide continuous development.

6-To give increases and bonuses, while accounted on the basis of the net salary, according to the following:
a.A 2% increase per each year of service, in addition to counting the previous years of service (profession seniority), the employer, provided to apply such increase, as of this date.
b.An increase of 10% for higher or post graduate certificates or diplomas
c.An increase of 4% for Specialization certificates (Major), which the nurse acquires after following special studies and sitting for the relevant exams, at universities or higher institutes or recognized international teaching bodies
d.An increase for the nurse rank and assumed tasks, on the following basis:
i.10% for the head of department
ii.10% or more for the head of two departments or more
iii.15% for the nursing medical care Manager
These increases are accounted according to the basic salary, while added to the aforementioned increases.
e.An increase of 12% for night shifts, per working hour, to be accounted on the basis of hourly remuneration, taking into account the average salary, for Technical baccalaureate and University degree holders
f.To ask the health or medical care institutions to apply additional salaries and bonuses, for those working within closed departments, intensive care units, surgery and emergency rooms, thus in order to encourage nurses to work in such departments

7-To affect additional allowances for those nurses working during official holidays, provided the latter or such holidays aren’t less than eight days, according to the schedule adopted by the establishment

8-Nurses are eligible for a health insurance, complementary to the benefits or contributions provided by the National Fund of Social Security, on the basis of second class category hospitalization. Such insurance is to be provided by the institution, on its own account, in addition to an insurance covering work emergencies accidents

9-Employers participation in paying nurses annual subscription fees, to the order of the retirement or pension fund, together with the possibility of providing a selective retirement program, beneath a private fund within the institution or establishment

10-Annual leaves are to be determined according to seniority , on the basis of 15 days, as a minimum, to add one day for each two years of service, until a maximum of 25 days

11-Substituting a working day, within official holidays, by another day off, on the basis of 7 hours per day.

12-To apply a special holiday for the international Nurses day, corresponding to May 12, in addition to sickness and maternity leaves, determined by the Lebanese labor law.

13-Employers will participate in paying scholarship or tuition fees, kindergarten and nurseries fees. Furthermore, employers will provide adequate uniforms, and tools for nursing tasks’ performance

14-To preserve all the benefits currently granted to nurses, and which exceed the abovementioned contributions, considering them their acquired right.

                                                                          The Order of Nurses in Lebanon

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