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Strategic Plans

Achieve distinction in the practice of the nursing profession in 4 disciplines: practice, teaching, research and management.

Play a leader role in the protection and development of the nursing profession in order to protect the health of the individual and of the society in Lebanon and in the region.

Strategic orientations:

  • Reinforce the role of the nursing Order in Lebanon
  • Strengthen the capacities of nurses in order to apply quality standards in the exercise of the profession
  • Secure a database relative to the profession in Lebanon and see to its development
  • Strengthen cooperation and strategic coalitions both locally and internationally

Strategic goals:
Strategic goal 1:

Protect nurses, preserve their rights and support them
Determined goal:

  • 1-1-Improve the working environment
  • 1-2-Guarantee health security and social security of nurses
  • 1-3-Improve the image of the profession

Strategic goal 2:
Strengthen the profession in its exercise, teaching and developmentDetermined goal:

  • 2-1- Strengthen the sense of responsibility of nurses
  • 2-2- Participate in the evolution of health institutions
  • 2-3-See to the modernization of Law regarding the exercise of the profession and its implementation
  • 2-4- Develop capacities of nurses through continuous training programs
  • 2-5- Strengthen the Order’s role to establish teaching basics of the nursing profession Lebanon and see to its application

Strategic goal 3:
Support capacities of the Order, its human, material and financial resources
Determined goal:

  • 3-1- organize human resources and its development
  • 3-2- organize material resources and its development
  • 3-3- organize financial resources and its development

Strategic goal 4:
Strengthen the image of the Order both locally and internationally
Determined goal:

  • 4-1- Get the partners to know the Order
  • 4-2- Strengthen communication between the Order and associates
  • 4-3- play a leader role to support the scientific basics of the nursing profession

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