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How to Become a Nurse

In just 3 years, a nurse can be ready to work in the field, with the possibility to pursue further education.

In Lebanon, there is a choice of training between the French and American system, which increases employment opportunities both at home and abroad. Specific levels of accreditation correspond to different academic requirements, but in general, a minimum of three years of study in a technical school or university is required to work in nursing. Once hired, nurses often have the opportunity to pursue higher education. 

For nurses who want to pursue a Master’s degree, specializing in Nursing can lead to an increase in salary and responsibilities, while specializing in other areas like Public Health, Health Administration, can lead to work opportunities in other international industries. Nurses with a Master’s degree can also continue even further to a PhD, which can open up high profile career opportunities in healthcare, research, and teaching at a university.

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