With the aim of keeping close and effective communication among all Global Association of Students and Novice Nurses (GASNN) nurses, GASNN membership director, Ahmad Jamal Sallam held a friendly meeting with LNSA at the Order of Nurses in Lebanon, to collectively discuss future actions and plans that help achieve GASNN mission. Mr. Sallam highlighted GASNN projects, in particular, the mentorship program, student’s novice nurses blog launch, global minutes, before revealing future plans especially global student and novice nurse leadership program and research training. He also explained about the different types of memberships at GASNN pointing that LNSA belongs to the voting group which is class A. 
On a round table, participants discussed different challenges in engaging new members. GASNN membership director proposed sustaining good communication between students and novice nurses and sharing success stories and experiences that attract them to the association. At the sidelines of the meeting, participants shed light on the current situation of nursing in the region. They discussed the idea of establishing an Arab Nursing Student Association to address nursing related issues. Before wrapping up the meeting the President of the Order, Dr. Nuhad Dumit, joined and congratulated the student for their work and targeted initiatives.